Will PetQCheck Work For Your Pet?

Real consumers share what they discovered about their pet’s gut health and how PetQCheck’s personalized nutrition recommendations changed their pet’s lives.

See why pet owners are loving the gut health assessment kit and personalized recommendations.

“Our 45-pound rescue dog's stool was always very soft and concerning. We tried several probiotics, over a period of months, without any improvement. Then I heard about the Gut Insights Assessment Kit, ordered it, and submitted a sample for testing. With the test results it was recommended to try the Longevity & Overall Health probiotic and prebiotic supplement blend. We used the recommended 1 sachet/day for a couple weeks with good results and then slowly reduced the dosage to 2 sachet/week and we still have good results. Now her stool is consistently normal.” – David O.
“I am a dog trainer and I have 2 elderly dogs myself; This kit is sooooooooooooooo awesome!!!! It was really easy to use, and the report was easy to understand and detailed.” – Marie F.

Support the needs of your pet’s gut microbiome, just like many pet parents before you.

“I have been trying for years to figure out what was wrong was my cat's stool and digestion problems. I have had her stool tested. Nothing came up. I tried other probiotics and natural remedies as well as a variety of food changed. I decided to give PetQCheck a try. The results clearly explained why my cat's stool was malodorous and why she had diarrhea. I took supplements suggested. I saw consistent changes for the better. After a month and a half she has normal stool. I am more than happy with this the test and [her recommended] supplement.” – Sharon B.
“For the first time in several months, bowel elimination is normal.” – Florence M.

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“The results came back in a timely manner and I discovered that Ike's gut biome is below the healthy average of an adult dog. Since the experience with PetQCheck has been good and has shown improvement in Ike's bowel movements, I decided to try products recommended for Ike as a part of his nutrition analysis.” – Loreta G.
“My big boy was already eating a prescription diet from Purina, so I believe the best part of the test results was knowing his food is working as it should.” – Kendell

Now you don’t need to be in the dark when it comes to your pet’s health.

“The PetQCheck test gave me an insight as a pet owner and veterinary professional what he was lacking in his diet so I could make the proper adjustments in hopes of improving. Once I adjusted that supplement along with the new probiotic supplement from PetQCheck gas & loose stools has gone bye-bye! I have plans to test a few other my pets soon to see how their GI biome is functioning.” – Serena H.
“I purchased the analysis because I'm interested in this kind of personalized analysis for me, so why not for my pet too? Also, my cat has had a problem with very smelly poo (worse than normal), and his vet visits did not find anything specifically wrong (no parasites, etc.) He did indeed have a PetQCheck report which said that several microbiome levels were lower than normal. So, I have shared with my vet and have started him on probiotics. Overall, the report was very easy to read and it's useful information for the health of my cat!” – Crispin R.

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