Meet Charlie

Charlie's report is here to help you understand what type of actionable information you get from Charlie's stool sample.

Charlie's profile is created from the information his pet parent provided during the registration of his kit.

Supplements & Food Recommendations

The nutrition recommendations have been carefully designed based on Charlie's microbiome assessment and questionnaire his pet parent completed to address his unique needs.

The combination of supplement blend and food ingredients has the right attributes to help him reach his full potential.

Our Technology

We use 3 different technologies to analyze each sample for:

  • Microbial Diversity
  • Gut Integrity
  • Probiotic Bacteria

This allows us to assess various aspects of Charlie's microbiome status - who the bacteria are and what they are doing - and develop an actionable nutrition recommendation plan that is personalized to his needs.

In-Depth Analysis

See Charlie’s bacterial population.

Each pet has a unique signature based on the type of bacteria that are present at the time of analysis.

Microbiome Assessment

Detailed insights into different aspects of Charlie's microiome assessment. It gives his pet parent information not only on what bacteria are present in his gut but also how they are contributing to Charlie's health and what actions can be taken.

Amazing Insights

Your pet's microbiome provides amazing insights into what's needed to promote and maintain their health and well-being. Monitoring your pet's microbiome on a regular basis will allow our nutritionists to adjust your pet's nutrition plan accordingly to ensure their high quality of life.

Our microbiome assessments not only benefit you and your pet's well-being but also the greater pet parent community. They enable us to apply learnings and discoveries to improve overall pet care in today's world.